Long ago when Mughals came to rule India, with them came their cuisine from Persia and Middle East. Each princely kingdom used to take pride in their kitchens and their kitchens were governed by the first lady of the house, who everyone proudly addressed as BBJAAN.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi on journey to explore the cuisine of royals not only went on getting trained under one of the most renowned and richest Princely states of India during the pre-Independence times Hyderabad but also went on to learn similar cuisine of Royals from the states of Gwalior, Indore, Bikaner, Kolhapur and West Bengal.

Begum Mumtaz Khan who is still addressed as BBJAAN in her traditional Jagirdar house in Hyderabad, thrives to support and teach the Royal cuisine of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad being the richest states of India was always eyed by the British and their relationship was always well known to the people of India. The British always protected Hyderabad and the Nizams until Independence only to take Royal wealth back to their own country.

Nizams were always known to have treated Princely states and British with their Royal Banquets.They were not only treated to the great Nizami food but also to great games and roasts which were hunted by the Nizams and the British together.

BBJAAN is an effort to bring forth the Royal Cuisines of India with a focus on Hyderabad and adding on the essence of fusion food of Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi who has been pursuing this passion for long. The food and the menu represents his journey to various Palaces throughout India and the world. The cuisine is a replica of the mind of Chef Harpal who is not only known for Indian food but also for great world cuisine.

The last word always comes from the master himself.

“Come let me treat you like a king and connoisseur of food”

For all the Nawabi souls in and around Jalandhar, we present to you the ultimate Royal dining experience.  If you are to opt for a more intimate approach for private family or social gathering then you are looking at the right venue.

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Pictures with Bugum Mutaz (BB-Jaan) in her Kitchen