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A lot can happen over a coffee, but Much more can happen over Chai and pakora. A Cruncy bite of a pakora and a sip of Adrak wali chai will make you fall in love with the experience. In days of monsoon, a view of rains, bite on pakoras and sip of chai is something you can do all day. India you would often see a rustic atmosphere around a chai shops created between the hustle of the city life. Right from Punjabi chai stalls to famous chai tapris of Mumbai and the chai kada’s of Kerala.  An inviting crispy crunchy bite of the pakora is priceless. This soulful combination of Chai Pakora has been integral part of daily lives of people in various states of India. Pakoras, bhajis, fritters are all synonyms of a quick and easy fried snack. That is popular across the globe. Iftar snack, during the Holy month of Ramdan Making of pakora is so simple that you can take. The word pakora is derived from Sanskrit word pakvavata, a compound of root words “pakva” meaning cooked and “vata” meaning cooked in lumps. Pakoras are also a popular your favorite vegetable and mix in a gram flour batter with powder spices and fry them in lumps. Here are some amazing Pakora recipes that will make you fall in love with simplicity of this dish.


Onion Pakora

Cabbage Pakora








Schezwan Egg Pakora

Lauki Ke Pakode







Chinese pakora


Harpal Sokhi


Fusion of Indian food with International Cuisine is what made Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi a sought after name within the Food industry. With a background of North India, Chef Harpal is a music lover and is fluent in English and five Indian regional languages - Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya and Telugu.

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