• Prep Time 10-15 minutes
  • Cook Time 1 hour-10 min minutes
  • Serving For 4 People
  • Difficulty Easy

Recipe Description

A great custard made with aromatic and refreshing rose.


  • Caramel
  • granulated sugar – 1/2 cup
  • water – 2 tbsp


  • whole milk – 2 cups
  • sugar – 1/2 cup
  • eggs – 2 no
  • egg yolks – 2 no
  • vanilla extract – 1/4 tsp
  • rose water – 1 tsp



  1. Place the sugar and water in a small, thick-bottomed saucepan. Heat on medium heat. As the sugar beings to melt, gently stir with a wooden spoon to break up unmelted lumps
  2. Once the sugar has melted it will begin to turn golden and then darker brown. As soon as it turns a strong shade of reddish brown, remove the pan from the heat, working quickly; evenly divide the sugar between the ramekins, coating the bottom of each ramekin. Place the ramekins in a 2-inch deep baking dish.
  3. Preheat oven to 180 degree C. in a small saucepan, on medium high heat, mix sugar and milk until the milk is warm to the touch and the sugar has completely dissolved.
  4. Do not let the milk boil. Remove from heat. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together eggs, egg yolks, vanilla and rose water.
  5. Temper the egg mixture with a little (about 1/4 cup) of the warm milk mixture, whisking as you add the milk. Add the egg mixture back into the pan of milk. Lower the heat to low and whisk the egg mixture in for a minute until the egg mixture is fully incorporated
  6. Pour custard mixture into the ramekins, up to about 1/4-inch from the top edge of the ramekins. Pour enough hot water into baking pan to come halfway up sides of ramekins.
  7. Bake the custard for 30-40 mints or until the center of the custard cooks completely.
  8. Transfer flans to rack and cool. Chill until cold, about 2 hours.
  9. To serve, run small sharp knife around flan to loosen. Turn over onto plate. Shake gently to release flan. Carefully lift off ramekin allowing caramel syrup to run over flan. Repeat with remaining flans and serve
  10. Garnish with rose petals.

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Harpal Sokhi


Fusion of Indian food with International Cuisine is what made Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi a sought after name within the Food industry. With a background of North India, Chef Harpal is a music lover and is fluent in English and five Indian regional languages - Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya and Telugu.

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