• Prep Time 20-25 minutes
  • Cook Time 25-30 minutes
  • Serving For People
  • Difficulty Intermediate, Medium

Recipe Description

A Perfect Vegetarian recipe stuffed curry which is a healthy to have on any special occasion to have a royal and an authentic touch.

Ingredient                                          Quantity

Lauki (bottle gourd)                            1 no.

Turmeric powder                                 ½ tsp

Salt                                                      1 tsp

For fillings

Oil                                                        2 Tbsp

Ginger Chopped                                 1 Tbsp

Cumin Seeds                                      1 tsp

Green Chilli Chopped                          2 no.

Boil potato mashed                             1 no. (Big)

Green Peas crushed                           1 cup

Salt                                                       to taste

Turmeric Powder                                 ½ tsp

Coriander Powder                               1 Tbsp

Red Chili Powder                                 ½ tsp

Cardamom Powder                              ½ tsp

Paneer Grated                                      ½ cups

Khoya                                                     2 Tbsp

For gravy

Oil                                                         3 Tbsp

Cumin Seeds                                         1 tsp

Ginger chopped                                    1 Tbsp

Garlic chopped                                      1 Tbsp

Onions chopped                                    2 no. (Large)

Tomatoes chopped                               2 no. (Large)

Salt                                                        to taste

Turmeric Powder                                   1 tsp

Red Chili powder                                  1½ tsp

Coriander powder                                  1 Tbsp

Cumin powder                                        ½ tsp

Yogurt                                                     ¼ cup

Khoya                                                       ¼ cup

Grated Paneer                                         for Garnish



  1. Peel the Bottle Gourd and Cut into two halves.
  1. Now scoop the inner sides and make a hollow cylinder out of the bottle gourds.
  2. Punch the outer portion of the bottle gourd with fork and keep it aside.
  3. In a pan boil water with salt and turmeric and add the bottle gourds in that.
  4. Let it become soft but not too soft also otherwise it will not be able to hold the stuffing.
  1. Cover it and cook for 6 to 8mins
  2. Meanwhile Chop the scooped out part of Bottle Gourd and keep it aside.
  3. After 6-8 min. remove the Bottle Gourd from the water and keep aside.

To prepare filling:

  1. Heat oil in a pan; add ginger and cumin seeds, sauté for 30 sec.
  2. Add green chill, mix well and sauté for 10 sec.
  3. Add the scooped out part of the Bottle Gourd, mix well and cook for 1 min.
  4. Add green peas, salt, turmeric powder, Coriander powder, Red chilli powder, Cardamom Powder, mix well.
  5. Add potato, paneer and khoya, mix well and sauté for 1 min.
  6. Remove in a bowl and keep it aside.
  7. Now with help of spoon gradually fill it in the hollow cylindrical bottle gourds. Keep it aside.

For gravy:

  1. Heat oil in a pan; add cumin seeds and sauté till cumin splutter.
  2. Add chopped ginger and garlic, Sauté till it gets brown.
  3. Add chopped onions and sauté till onions gets brown.
  4. Add chopped tomatoes, mix well.
  5. Add Salt, ½ tsp of Turmeric powder, 1 tsp of Red chilli Powder, Coriander powder, cumin powder, mix well and sauté for 3-4mins
  6. Add Yogurt and khoya mix well and cook for 2 min.
  7. Remove the gravy in a bowl and keep aside.
  8. Add the stuff Bottle Gourd into the pan and grill.
  9. Add salt, Remaining red chilli powder, turmeric powder on top, Flip and cook on both the sides for 1 min.
  10. Cut the bottle gourd into half; place it on the serving plates.
  11. Spread gravy on top, garnish with grated paneer.
  12. Microwave for 1 minute. and serve hot.


Watch the video for techniques.

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